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Ballooning Events was birthed from over 7 years experience in organising events from large scale exhibitions through to conferences and awards ceremonies. 

Based in London our warm and welcoming service is able to provide decorative balloons, backdrops, event props and glassware and crockery for any occasion. You name it, we can assist. 

We understand that events are a very special occasion, where key moments are marked. We appreciate that 

there are many different ways you may want to express and mark your day and with our variety of decorative balloon creations and event decoration options; we have the perfect designs to ensure not only you but guests, friends and family are immersed into the experience and captivated by the WOW factor. 

It is our passion to create immersive experiences and it is the same passion which drives us to make your event a key moment whether it be a special day to mark, product to launch, exhibitions or a grand opening. Whatever the occasion, we are here for you.


We would love to join with you to further elevate your event through a creative and decorative atmosphere. 


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